Famous for being ‘London’s first Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel’, where late night parties and eccentric fun and frivolity are an everyday occurrence, Sanctum Soho has teamed up with Dan Gold to bottle its essence and create a unique fusion of fragrance and contemporary urban artistry.

Mark Fuller has long been a stalwart of the London nightlife scene. A well connected and popular rogue he is the go-to-guy for high end hospitality and responsible for the creation of the Sanctum Soho Hotel. Billed as London’s first rock and roll hotel, Mark oversaw and co-designed this development with the aim to provide travellers and touring musicians an alternative abode; offering a hedonistic haven and home comforts to order, 24-7, all year round.

Renowned for his unique revolutionary style of fusing tattoo art and graffiti, Dan Gold is one of the World’s most prominent tattoo artists and frequently displays his work at Sanctum Soho. His signature ‘dripping skull’ has been featured on each of the fragrance gift boxes. Having inked a host of famous names, Dan has been described as a ‘charismatic, big hearted bad boy’ and a ‘rock star in the tattoo world’. He has been at the forefront of the recent media explosion surrounding the tattoo industry.

The fragrances for both men and for women have been created by world renowned French perfumer, Domitille Bertier, the ‘nose’ behind the latest premium fragrances on the market. Bertier, described as ‘an architect of smell’ and ‘a craftsman of everyday luxury’.